Courageous Essential Oil Blend

Courageous Essential Oil Blend is a beautiful blend of Spruce, sustainable Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, and German Chamomile. The overall aroma is fresh, clean, pine-like, and herbaceous.


A beautiful blend of Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense. Compares to Young Living®'s Valor® and doTERRA®'s Deep Blue® Oil.   It's practically half the price plus we don't cut it with any carrier oil so you get even more. Concentrated Blend:  Also known as Energy Balance Essential Oil Blend

Sometimes referred to as a "chiropractor in a bottle", it has been found to help the muscles of the body self-correct, improving balance and alignment and relieving pain. Use for lower back pain, herniated discs and muscle pain. It has improved scoliosis for some in as little as 30 minutes, while other individuals require several applications. It helps balance energies within the body, giving courage, confidence and self-esteem.

Based on historical writings about Roman soldiers who were said to apply plant extracts and botanicals to instill feelings of courage and confidence before going into battle, this blend of concentrated oils was formulated.

This oil is also a happy oil.  Courageous is known for lifting depression, alleviating anxiety, and generally lifting people's moods.  It helps release emotional blocks, clearing and washing away anger and hate.  Courageous can give one courage to speak out to help with self-expression.  This a great to diffuse for these purposes; also apply to ear reflex points and general pulse points (as a perfume/cologne).

Use NEAT (undiluted) or in Fractionated Coconut Oil in a 1:1 dilution on sensitive skin.

The aroma is a delight and is antidepressant. This is a "make you happy" kind of oil!  Get ready to smile again.

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