Pregnancy, Nursing & Newborn


More than ever, this is the time to treat yourself right.  It’s important.

You want what’s best for you, but more importantly, you want what’s best for the little one being knit in your womb.  So use all-natural help as much as possible.  The discomforts and worries of pregnancy fade away quickly when you take the time to do what’s right.  Use essential oils to make it a super-great experience.

Essential oils can be invaluable companions during pregnancy. Oils like Lavender and Myrrh may help reduce stretch marks and improve elasticity of the skin. Geranium and Soothing Baby Blend have similar effects and can be massaged on the perineum (tissue between vagina and rectum) to lower the risk of tearing or the need for an episiotomy (an incision in the perineum) during birth.  And there are so many other uses.

Read through this entire list to see how aromatherapy must be your essential companion during these months of pregnancy, then childbirth and on into the childhood of your little one.  More and more, OB/GYN practices are putting these very oils into use on a daily basis.  We now have nurses specifically asking us for better education on the use of aromatherapy to help their patients.  They know it works, and want to incorporate it into their practices.  They really care.

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