Kids Essential Oils

Tired of sticky, sugary syrups and medicines, and can’t get it all swallowed?
Waiting too long at the doctor’s office – or maybe even hard to get in?
What about those nasty side-effects; diarrhea, headaches, stains on teeth, steriod issues, rashes, internal issues…?
Do what’s best for your precious kids.  Easy to use, affordable and fast-acting essential oils are natural help you can depend on.   No more pills or sticky-messy liquids, no more constant reliance on Tylenol, no more waits at the pharmacy; just good old mother nature working on your side.  The following Kid’s Essential Oil line, specially formulated by a mom at The Oil Shoppe (and personally tested on her 7 children) are all you need to get through those common childhood illnesses and issues.

The following Kid’s line is designed for children under the age of 12.  Generally speaking, any child over 12 can cautiously begin to use oils at adult ratios.  As children have weaker constitutions, one needs to take extra precaution and know some basic safety rules when using essential oils.  Those rules are listed within the pages here.

Search out the ailment(s) of your child, and choose the corresponding Kid’s oils to be used for those problems.  Remember to always have a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil on hand for diluting and for safety purposes.  Use your pure, high quality carrier oil to rub on in case the oil becomes uncomfortable for some reason.

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