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Mandarin oil, Red, Italy is a descendant of the indigenous fruit from South China. Red Mandarin is also a European ancestor to the American Tangerine. Not surprisingly there are subtle similarities and differences both analytically and in scent and flavor. The Red Mandarin has both an attractive aroma and color. Like other dark citrus oils it is orange-brown or almost red. The scent is very sweet and faintly floral like orange blossoms. Often in Mandarins there is a very slight fishy note that quickly subsides. It is due to the natural constituent, methyl-N-methyl-anthranilate affecting the odor even in trace amounts. TOS's Red Mandarin does not have this amine-like topnote.

Italian Mandarins are considered superior in this industry. The Oil Shop is committed to keeping prices reasonable but of late Red Mandarin has been going up because of a weakening US dollar.

If you like the sweet, refreshing scent of citrus then you will love Red Mandarin oil. It is sweet, warm, and faintly floral, reminiscent of Neroli, and orange blossoms. A descendant of the indigenous fruit from South China Red Mandarin is also a European ancestor to the American Tangerine. A dark citrus oil Red Mandarin is deep orange or almost red in color, and acts to soothe and balance the heart energy center.

Although its aroma is much more complex and multi-layered Red Mandarin has similar actions and uses as Tangerine, and is often used interchangeably in aromatherapy blends.

Children love the warm, sweet aroma of Mandarin oil. It is very gentle and may be used with young children and during pregnancy, and often used by midwives in the birthing room. Mandarin calms the nervous system, and its pronounced relaxing properties make it effective for soothing restlessness, and hyperactivity in children.

Mandarin essential oil is effective for relieving insomnia, and is being used in hospitals, and medical centers throughout the U.S. as a calming agent, and has been found useful for alleviating nausea, similar in action as ginger and peppermint pure essential oils.

Red Mandarin's antiseptic action makes it useful as a room spray, try it in a blend with other citrus oils, lavender and ylang ylang.

Safety: Though Mandarin is helpful for treating dry skin conditions care should be taken when using it in skin applications as it is mildly phototoxic, please avoid exposure to direct sunlight or sunlamps for up to 3 hours after use as pigmentation of the skin may result.

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