Lab Evaluations by Coach Caroline

Are you tired of getting tossed from doctor to doctor and not coming up with answers? Let me transform your normal labs into answers so you can stop “surviving” life and start living it again. I am Coach Caroline and I help people feel vibrant and alive; full of health and able to enjoy the world they live in.

No Labs? No Problem! Schedule a consultation and we’ll work with other tools to find the cause of what’s going on with your health.

Together, as a Certified Functional Medicine Specialist, Master Iridologist, and health practitioner, Coach Caroline Richer uses these powerful healing tools and a knowledge base that brings the future of natural medicine to her clients today. With over 15 years of experience in the natural health world she can draw on practical experience as well as a fine education and field training to bring you cutting edge expertise in products and protocols to promote health and healing according to your specific needs. This isn’t about putting “band-aides” on to mask symptoms; it’s about finding the root cause and restoring healthy goodness from the foundation right on up.

Questions before your go for it? Use the Contact Us page to start a dialogue.

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