Rice Bran Herbal Extract 4 oz.


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Properties and Uses: Energy, sense of well-being, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), sore tongue, stress, Vitamin B Complex, CO-Q 10 source, allergies, calms nerves.


Bodily Influences:Source of original B-complex discovery - the outer layers of rice grain. Vitamin B-complex source for strong, steady nerves and sustained energy.

   The B-complex could comfortably be described as the 'don't go crazy vitamins.' The B-complex has been proven, again and again, as the vitamins to use when you feel there is nowhere to find cessation from aggravation. Rice Bran, being a very rich source of a balanced B-complex profile of vitamins, can be vital to maintaining normal blood sugar levels for those suffering from low blood sugar.

   The B-complex allows the nerves of the body to feed on blood sugar and functions normally for a harmonious personality and a clear head for memory and clear thinking. To develop natural stamina, take Rice Bran and eat high quality protein foods on a regular basis. Persist until results, no matter how long it takes, whether you feel the results within minutes of it takes months and much recuperation is required.


Copied from
Herbs for You - Build Better Health Naturallyby Dr. A.B. Howard

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