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Beneficial for healthy sinuses.*


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Use Bayberry liquid herb to drain sinuses, take care of polyps, aid digestion and tighten body tissues.

Myrica cerifera, L.

This is what Pure Herbs Company has to say about it:

"Properties and uses for Baryberry liquid herb:  Deobstruent (removes obstructions), astringent (tighten the tissues), sinuses, nasal polyps, vaginal polyps, toni, Alimentary Canal mucus cleaner, depurative (purifies), ear and eye problems.

Common Names for Bayberry liquid herb:  Candleberry, Waxberry, Arbre-a-suif

Part of plant used:  Bark.

Bodily Influences:

Bayberry is the old dependable workhorse for cleaning sinuses and granting relief to pressures and pains in the head caused by the sinuses.

A mixture of Bayberry, Golden Seal, Chickweed and Vitamin E oil together made into a paste and placed into the ear, will correct a wide range of ear problems including loss of hearing, infections, pains, nerve damage, and earache.  The esteemed Greek physician Claudius Galen recognized Bayberry to drain acids and mucus from the brain through the tear ducts.

Bayberry aids digestion and removes morbid disease-nourishing material from the alimentary canal.  It is a good gargle for sore throat or spongy, bleeding gums.  It is a remedy for blood from the lungs, in the stool or bleeding from the uterus.  Bayberry is a deobstruent and has no patience with debris that would block its function.  Apply directly to old and hard to heal sores.

Dosage:  30-60 drops three times per day as needed for sinus problems and persist until liquefactions and completion of draining occurs.  This may take days or weeks as some sinus congestion is like layers of varnish and the sufferer is unaware of the problem.  When sinuses are cleaned, vision often improves."

4 oz. glass bottle with glass dropper.

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