Sandalwoods Replacement Essential Oil Blend

This blend of Sandalwood oils come from different origins including East India, West India, Indonesia, Australia, and Africa. This sweet and woody aroma is ideal for soaps and skincare products, and it will provide better performance in finished products with a favorable and considerably stronger odor than Sandalwood alone.


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This is not a single essential oil.  This is actually a blend of sandalwood oils of different origins including East Indian Sandalwood, West Indian Sandalwood, Indonesian Sandalwood, Australian Sandalwood and African Sandalwood. With the rising costs of Indian Sandalwood this blend is ideal for Sandalwood lovers will provide better aroma performance with considerably stronger odor than Sandalwood alone. Many people have told us that they like the odor of this blend even better than straight Indian sandalwood which is about 4 times the price! Concentrated Blend: Essential oils and other natural aromatics only, no carriers.

Sweet, smooth, woody, dry aroma. Aphrodisiac, relaxing, grounding. Soothing inhalation oil for painful coughs or dilute and rub on chest and throat. Soothes itching due to inflammation.  Drip into your bath for a wonderful prelude to sleeping.  Use together with Peppermint Premium essential oil for pruritis.  Undiluted mix of the best sandalwood oils, great to diffuse.  A terrific aroma.

"Used by the ancients for assistance in meditation, sandalwood is also an aphrodisiac and was used in embalming.  Sandalwood contains sesquiterpenes that deprogram misinformation and carry oxygen at the cellular level.  It can be used in skin care, to enhance sleep quality, to support the female reproductive and endocrine systems, and to provide relief in urinary tract infections."  from The Maker's Diet, by Jordan S. Rubin

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