Soothing Baby Essential Oil Blend

Soothing Baby Essential Oil Blend is a truly soothing blend of Rosewood, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Jasmine, and Rose to create a light, floral, fresh aroma. This blend is a fragrant, soft, delicate combination of essential oils that can help calm mothers and their babies.


Fragrant and soft, this delicate combination of essential oils can help mothers and babies. With component oils noted for calming emotions, it can be useful for calming pregnant mothers and soothing troubled babies. Those who have tried it like it better than other baby blends. 

A truly calming pure essential oil blend of rosewood, geranium, palmarosa, lavender, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, lemon, jasmine, and rose. This is a wonderful blend, designed specifically for expectant mothers and newborn babies.  It is comforting, soothing, and relaxing.  It may help relieve stress during pregnancy and may even be beneficial during the birthing process.  It helps to enhance the youthful appearance of skin and may be beneficial for men to use on chapped skin and as an aftershave.  It may also help with skin elasticity and stretch marks.  Every oil in Soothing Baby is for skin regeneration and may help to prevent and retard wrinkles.  This blend is so gentle and soothing to the skin that is could possibly be used for diaper rashes (dilute at least by 1/2).  Dilute 1:1 with carrier oil.  

Body Systems Affected:  The oils in this blend may help it be effective for dealing with various problems related to Emotional Balance and to the Skin.

Aromatic Influence:  The aroma of this blend of oils is very relaxing and calming.  It may also help one create a space for being in ones childhood again.

Application:  Best when applied to the Vita Flex points on the inner ankles, across the lower back and abdomen (to reduce cramping and stretch marks), on the feet, face and neck areas.  Dilute with a pure carrier oil for full body massage or wear as a perfume or cologne.  It may also be added to bath water.

BABY - When using on a baby dilute at least by 1/2.  Dilute with pure carrier oil for full body massage.  It may also be applied to the feet, abdomen, lower back, face, and neck areas.

DELIVERY - Massage it on the perineum to help it stretch and possibly help avoid an episiotomy.

Frequency:  High (Spiritual);  approximately 152 MHz.

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