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Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, and are benign skin growths. They are transmitted by direct contact, and can be contracted in public places if touching a surface after an infected person has touched it. There are several types including hand warts, the so-called "plantar" warts that attach themselves to the feet, and "flat" warts that grow on the face.

Sexually active teenagers are at risk of genital warts that can appear on the penis or vulva area. Girls with genital warts are at risk of cervical cancer, and genital warts in boys as well as in girls, must be treated immediately by a doctor.

Kid's Wart Mix is a synergistic blend of 6 essential oils and is not diluted. Use a clean Q-tip/cotton swab to apply on wart. Drip Kid's Wart Mix on the Q-tip and dab a small amount of the mix directly on the wart. Use only once a day for 10 days on hand and finger warts and use twice a day for 10 days on plantar warts. You must be very faithful to the protocol.  Don't miss an application.  For extremely stubborn warts that have been there for a long time you may have to continue the application for longer.

Be very consistent and the warts will slough off. It may appear as if the wart is growing as you begin to use the oil. This appearance is the wart getting pushed up out of the skin. Continue to use the Kid's Wart essential oil blend on your child, and you will see it disappear!  For children under 12 years old.

Facial warts should only be treated by a doctor for safety purposes.

Sold in a 10 ml dropper bottle.

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