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500 MG/G  Sold by weight. T-50 all natural vitamin E. With daily concerns over the safety of synthetic ingredients, why risk the success of your products by using synthetic antioxidants? There are two classes of natural Vitamin E: tocopherols and tocotrienols. We offer you all natural low d-alpha mixed tocopherols or T-50.

Tocopherols: A term used to describe the collection of all the tocopherols in Vitamin E that occur naturally in food. There are 4 types of tocopherols: d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma and d-delta. Low d-alpha mixed tocopherols are often used to slow the onset of rancidity in fats and oils. Natural oxidants are isolated from vegetable oils and concentrated to contain a mixture of d-alpha (commonly known as Vitamin E), d-beta, d-gamma and d-delta tocopherols.

T-50 is all natural, low d-alpha mixed tocopherols, has 500 mg total tocopherols, and is a brownish-red, clear, viscous oil (color may differ slightly from batch to batch). When you compare prices between the gel caps commonly sold in drugstores and these Tocopherols, pound per pound Tocopherols are a lot less expensive to use, not to mention that you will be using all natural Vitamin E and not synthetic.

 A new, easier way to apply Vitamin E. Get it right on the spot. No more mess. Comes in a glass roll-on. .3 oz. size, terrific for purse or briefcase. 

Benefits of Vitamin E? Essential for the healing of scars and for damaged skin, it is a valuable, natural antioxidant and preservative. Add vitamin E at 5% to the carrier oil(s) of your choice. There is no need to add extra vitamin E if you are using wheatgerm oil. Also excellent to add to carrier oils to extend shelf life.

Every home should have a small bottle as it is so useful. It heals chapped skin and lips, cuts, scrapes, dry patches. Good for raw noses from blowing too much. Apply to raw baby's bottom. No pain, seals and heals. Oh, it feels so good.

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