Tea Tree Premium Essential Oil


Tea Tree oil, Australia - Premium grade tea tree oil, considered to be the best in the world. This is the highest quality tea tree oil available today.  The oil is imported directly from the best distillery in Australia, shipped and stored in stainless steel drums under argon gas to preserve the freshness.  You will not find a better tea tree anywhere.

Slightly stronger that Manuka, but from the same plant family, Tea Tree has a penetrating, clean, medicinal aroma. Broad spectrum antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Use to prevent and cure bacterial infection. For diffuser, bath, and topical applications. Kills molds of all sorts. Soothes away acne, stimulate immune system, anti-infectious. Treats Candidiasis and athlete’s foot. See also Niaouli MQV oil.  This is one of those oils that everyone should have on hand.  Rub it on both feet anytime there is an infection in the body or when you feel an illness coming on.  Use only a small amount in the bath water for a soak.  Tea Tree can be applied NEAT; that is, without diluting.  Also known by its latin name Melaleuca alternifolia.

"Anytime there is an infection (even the possibility of one), I start with Tea Tree.  Brings my family members fevers down in 20 minutes.  Every household should have some.  It is incredibly useful." - Caroline R.

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