Hyssop Essential Oil


"As a principal cleanser in biblical times, hyssop was used in many purification rituals and to drive away spirits.  Modern science has shown that hyssop can be used to relieve anxiety, arthritis, asthma, respiratory infections, parasites, fungal infections, colds, flu, and wound healing.  Hyssop metabolizes fat, increases perspiration, and can aid the body's detoxification of harmful chemicals.  Hyssop can provide help to balance emotions."  from The Maker's Diet, by Jordan S. Rubin

Hyssop is a classic soothing oil and cleansing oil of ancient times. A powerful oil, it is easily used by inhalation during sore throats and coughs.

*Hyssop essential oil strengthens the lungs, benefits poor vitality, breathlessness, and immune deficiency. Hyssop essential oil helps to prevent colds and flu and works to fight infection. Hyssop oil stimulates and warms the digestion and may be used for appetite loss, slow digestion and abdominal bloating. Hyssop is effect on the nervous system and mind is a distinctly invigorating one. Other benefits of this oil are to discharge toxins, clear lungs, open up the respiratory system, and normalizing blood pressure. Hyssop essential oil benefits bronchitis, colic, fatigue, colds, dermatitis, bruises, gout, nervous tension, arthritis, anti-inflammatory of the pulmonary, rheumatism, sore throat, stimulates and decongests liver, hepatitis, intestinal parasites, cystitis, aids nervous depression, anxiety, and regulating lipid metabolism.

Safety Precautions: Use in moderation as it is a very hot and stimulating oil in nature, 4 or 5 drops may be used in a massage. Dilute 1part essential oil to 4 parts pure carrier oil for topical application.

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