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Lemon Verbena essential oil is valued by aromatherapists for its restorative effects. This is one of those oils that the phrase, a little goes a long ways, can be used. In very small quantities, it can be relaxing. In larger quantities, it is energizing. A great deodorizer, it is terrific to add to your natural cleaners.

This essential oil is extracted from the freshly harvested leaves by steam distillation and has a sweet fresh aroma. Lemon verbena has uplifting qualities and is known to help reduce puffiness and soften the skin.

Other qualities and uses:
- strengthening the nervous system
- de-stressing
- anti-spasmodic
- expectorant
- helps with digestion
- easing colic
- feverish cold
- reducing fevers
- relieving spasms of digestive track (colon)

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi, author of the "Complete Aromatherapy Handbook," likens the scent of lemon verbena to "morning when everything seems fresh, new and promising." The cool and refreshing fragrance of lemon verbena increases energy, relieves fatigue and overcomes feelings of apathy, disinterest and listlessness. Fischer-Rizzi says these characteristics make lemon verbena an ideal choice for use on dull, overcast days at the office or hot, humid days in mid-summer -- and any other time when the weather and other conditions discourage productivity. In addition to refreshing the body, lemon verbena's essential oil helps sharpen concentration and stimulate brain function, according to Fischer-Rizzi.

Verbena is famed for its sedative qualities and its ability to assist with alleviating stress and insomnia.

* A drop or two (maximum) in your evening bath will assist with relaxation and so aid a good nights sleep. Verbena can irritate the skin so only dilute solutions should be used, so if you are looking for a stronger solution then try adding a couple of drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Verbena, like Lavender, while relaxing in small amounts can become a stimulant if used in larger quantities - all the more reason to exercise restraint with this expensive oil.
* Its citrus quality also makes it a great room deodorizer – and three or four drops will refresh the room as well as your energy.
* A single drop or two in your rinse cycle for your washing machine can really perk up clothes and especially for clothes which may have been tucked away for the winter.

Verbena, like many of the sharp smelling aromas is also a good oil to place on a pine block or cotton ball and tuck in your wardrobe as it will keep clothes smelling fresh as well as deter moths!

Medicinal Uses For Verbena Essential Oil: Verbena Essential oil is often recommended as being useful in tackling various digestive conditions. As this comes into the area of ingestion of essential oils, which is a specialized field in itself, then this is better left to those qualified to advise – but certainly as a dilute tea infusion it can offer many benefits and can be found in teas in your local health food store!

Lemon Verbena is a precious oil and is often not readily available. It can be adulterated with Lemon Thyme or Litsea Cubeba, or anything high in citral can be sold in its place. Authentic Lemon Verbena Essential Oil does not smell like the bath and body products sold in department stores.

Safety: Skin sensitizer (please dilute in pure carrier oil before any application at a ration of 1:4), phototoxic, not recommended to use on skin (IFRA strongly advises against the use of this oil in cosmetics and perfumes).

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