18 mm Fine-mist Spray Top


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These cute little things come with tube and fine mist sprayer top, plus a clear lid. Light green or black in color. We will choose for you. Fits tops of 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml, and some 1 oz. essential oil bottles, so recycle those bottles (18mm with F217 liner)! Just cut the tube with scissors to fit your bottle size. 

Perfect to turn an old essential oil bottle into a room spray or linen spray, an aromatherapy body mist or perfume. How about a mouth freshener with a couple drops of Peppermint oil and water. Shake it up before you spray each time. For room sprays and the like, just add a hydrosol or water with a couple drops of essential oil and shake well before spraying. Don't use too much essential oil until you've tested with a spray or two. It's always easier to add more essential oil, if you need a stronger aroma, than to try to dilute an already made spray. And don't forget to relabel your bottle, so you don't forget what's in it. 

**Note: Because some essential oils have the potential to clog the spraying mechanism, these spray bottles are not guaranteed when used with essential oils.**

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