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Oakmoss General - Oakmoss Absolute oil, Evernia Prunastri,  is solvent extracted from a light green lichen found growing primarily on oak trees, and sometimes on other species. The oak is indigenous to Europe and North America; the lichen is collected all over central and southern Europe, especially France, former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Greece, and also Morocco and Algeria. The aromatic materials are prepared mainly in France, but also in the USA, Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia. The most important of these is the absolute, by solvent extraction from the lichen that has often been soaked in lukewarm water prior to extraction is dark green or brown in color with extremely tenacious, earthy-mossy odor and a leather-like undertone. An extraction of absolute by vacuum distillation of the concrete results a pale yellow or olive viscous liquid with a dry-earthy, bark-like odor, quite true to nature. They have a high fixative value and blend with virtually all other oils and lend body and rich natural undertones to all perfume types.

Oakmoss Oil Uses - Oakmoss absolute oil,  Evernia Prunastri, is used as a fixative, where the Oakmoss concrete is used primarily in soaps; the absolute is the most versatile and is used in all perfume types. The resin and resinoids, which have a poor solubility, are used in soaps, hair preparations, industrial perfumes and low cost products.

Oakmoss Absolute Oil blends well with the following essential oils: neroli (orange blossom), lavender, Geranium, cypress, patchouli, and citrus essential oils.

Oakmoss Oil Cautions - Use with caution. Dermal sensitizer, toxic, and mucous membrane irritant. Avoid in epilepsy and pregnancy. - dilute before use.

Oakmoss Oil Properties - Antiseptic, demulcent, expectorant, fixative.

Oakmoss Absolute (Oak Moss) Pure Therapeutic Grade absolute can also be used in soap making ingredients, lotions, massage oils, diffusers, potpourri, scent, air fresheners, body fragrance, perfume oils, aromatherapy products, bath oils, towel scenting, spa's, incense, light rings, laundry, facial steams, hair treatments, and more.

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