Direct Topical Application Method

The direct topical application method is easy and effective. Just follow a few guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to your desired results.

Just apply the oils directly your area of concern using one to six drops of oil. Here’s a rule of thumb: more oil is not necessarily better since a larger amount of oil can trigger a detoxification of the surrounding tissue and blood. Now detoxing is a good thing. But take it from me, too quick of a detoxification can be somewhat uncomfortable. To achieve the desired results, only one to three drops of oil is usually adequate.

Follow these guidelines for direct application of essential oils:

  • The feet are the second fastest area of the body to absorb oils because of the large pores so it’s one of the best places for direct topical application. Other quick absorbing areas include behind the ears and on the wrists. These are all excellent places for direct topical application on the skin. From these locations, the oils quickly travels up the nerves and gets right to the problem area.
  • To experience a feeling of peace, relaxation, or energy, three to six drops per foot are adequate. Don’t forget that rule of thumb we just talked about above.
  • When massaging a large area of the body, always dilute the oils by 15% – 30% with a carrier oil of choice. My favorites are fractionated coconut oil and sweet almond oil.
  • When applying oils to infants and small children, dilute with Sweet Almond carrier oil or my favorite Fractionated Coconut carrier oil. Use one to three drops of an essential oil to one tablespoon (Tbs.) carrier for infants and one to three drops of an essential oil to one teaspoon (tsp.) carrier for children from two to five years old.
  • Do Not Mix Oil Blends. Commercially available blends have been specially formulated by someone who understands the chemical constituents of each essential oil and which oils blend well. The chemical properties of the oils can be altered when mixed improperly, resulting in some undesirable reactions. You can layer blends, though, in topical application.
  • Layering individual oils is preferred over mixing your own blends when you first begin using aromatherapy. Layering refers to the process of applying one oil, rubbing it in, and then applying another oil. There’s no need to wait more than a couple of seconds between each oil because they are absorbed very quickly into your skin. If you need to dilute an oil, the carrier oil can be applied on top (rather than pre-diluting before applying). The layering technique is not only useful in physical healing, but also when working on emotional clearing.
  • The FDA has approved some essential oils for internal use and given them the designation of GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe for internal consumption). This designation is listed in the Safely Use Essential Oils section of this Web site. Oils without the GRAS designation should never be used internally.