VRM4 Capsules (Anti-parasitic Cellular)

This herbal combination supports the body’s normal and beneficial relationship with human parasitic organisms. Herbal phytoconstituents can help with healthy structural function interaction with large multicellular organisms that may occupy the human GI Tract. VRM4 supports normal health in the gastrointestinal tract and its key tissues of the body such as liver, kidneys, and lungs by supporting the body’s normal immunological relationships with the various microbiomes that can seek residency in the intestines and migrate to other organs as part of their natural life cycles.


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Clinical Dose of Maracuja, Kamala and Guarana. Formulated specifically to support an already healthy intracellular immune response.

30 capsules

Also available as the liquid extract, #2494 – CXVRM4 – Cell.

Note: Best taken in the evening/night. Works best when also using WO Oil or Tei Fu Oil on bottom of feet along with taking BIND at a different time of day.

All herbal traditions, past and present, have botanical formulas to help the body when unwanted, parasitic life forms become unwanted guests in the G.I. Tract and in the body tissues. Substances that help expel such unwanted visitors are called vermifuges. Some species have been found to provide benefits, and many are considered parasitic in nature. In these many traditions, there are strategies for helping the body’s normal immune relations with: 1) large species that can be seen with the unassisted eye (tapeworms), 2) small species that can be seen and that migrate around the body (roundworms), 3) microscopic species that attempt to infest the G.I. Tract (protozoa); and 4) microscopic species that migrate into tissues via the blood (microfilaria). The herbal varieties employed often support the body’s normal immune processes to be vigilant, and often contain enzymes that encourage the body’s natural expulsion of bothersome species. They help cleanse the terrain that supports uninvited guests. Rather than a “stun and kill” approach, the bioenergetic properties of herbs support the body’s innate self-regulatory processes and the body’s innate priorities.

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