Skin Byome Probiotic (Derma µBiomic)

Probiotic that promotes skin health through the gut-skin axis.


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Taking probiotics orally can benefit our skin through the system called the gut-skin axis. Ongoing skin microbiota research clearly elucidates the connection between skin microbial diversity and our skin’s immune system. Even more surprising is the elegant connection between our G.I. immune system, G.I. microbiota and the skin health behavior. This distant relationship (gut-skin axis) is mediated by a number of immune cells which seem to get their directive from G.I. microbiota, including probiotics. Supplementing specific probiotics have shown numerous skin benefits and improved immune function in the skin.

COUNT: 60 capsules

Name change coming soon! Derma µBiomic to replace Skin Byome (the same thing).


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