HomoCysteine TLR

One formula—comprehensive homocysteine support, PLUS homocysteine-thiolactone redux support, working together for
improved clinical outcomes. Elevated homocysteine and homocysteine-thiolactone are dangerous metabolic chemicals that
bind with tissues and cause permanent damage, especially impacting cardiovascular functions. By increasing the nutrients
that the body requires and addresses via the PON1 enzyme’s ability to decrease oxidative stress, hydrogen peroxide, and
organophosphate pesticides and glyphosate, this nutritional approach is a cornerstone to longevity.


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A comprehensive formula and next generation of natural support for the body’s innate homocysteine methylation processes, innovated by Dr. Shayne Morris.

Provides essential homocysteine nutrients and herbalomic ingredients for homocysteine-thiolactone, a toxin that attacks many types of proteins, especially in the blood and brain.

The key benefits of this formula:
· Increases the required nutrition to decrease oxidative stress, hydrogen peroxide, and organophosphate pesticides and glyphosate
· Increases the PON1 enzyme in the liver and kidneys that detoxifies homocysteine thiolactone and protects the body from LDL cholesterol oxidation
· Antioxidants that protect the heart, cardiovascular system, and the brain from the dangerous metabolic chemicals of elevated homocysteine
· Provides key micronutrients required to convert homocysteine to glutathione
· Provides 3 forms of vitamin B12, essential for homocysteine metabolic pathways

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