Chickweed Loose Tea


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This mild laxative Chickweed tea comes from a weed found all over Europe and North America.  Dr. Oz just let the word out that this tea reduces bloating by helping you lose some water weight.  Now every one wants it to flush our their bowels and drop a few pounds.  For maximum benefit to this effect, Dr. Oz recommends drinking one cup in the afternoon.  Chickweed tea has a fruity taste and is considered an herbal tea containing potassium and magnesium, something most of us could use extra of.

There are other things Chickweed tea is useful for as well.  This certified organic tea is astringent, it can act as an antihistamine, a diuretic, and a wound healer.  It is useful for coughs, sore throats, roseola, itchy skin, respiratory difficulties and gas.

Chickweed tea is sold by the ounce in a loose herb form and is certified organic.  You will need an infuser or strainer of some sort to remove the chickweed from your tea water before drinking.

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