Milk Thistle Seed Herb, 1 oz.


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Chemical Wonder Worker

Milk Thistle Tea detoxes to help your body build resistance.  It is a liver protector from all sorts of chemical damage that comes in from our everyday walks of life.  
Drink one cup of tea, three times a day when exposed to chemicals.  Use as a daily tonic if your workplace exposes you to chemicals.  Painters, lawn-care workers, pool maintenance crews, farm workers, factory workers, hairdressers, dry cleaners, photo-shop workers, toll-booth attendants, professional drivers, plumbers, electricians, and the like are all candidates for regular doses of milk thistle.
Not many people can avoid working with chemicals these days.  Many workers know they have chemicals landing on their skin and ending up in their lungs.  Painters breathe in fumes from paint, and lawn-care workers end up covered with pesticides and herbicides.  Not surprisingly, people are concerned about the effects regular toxin exposure is having on their health.
Though it would be nice if people could switch jobs, this is often not feasible.  Medically speaking, the liver is largely responsible for getting these compounds out of your system.  As such, the livers of these workers are under siege and could use a little help.  Milk thistle might be just what the doctor ordered.
Research reveals that milk thistle contains flavolignans that are hepatoprotectant, meaning they protect the liver from damage due to toxic subastances.  Milk thistle seed contains 3% silymarin, which is actually a generic name for the flavolignan compounds that protect the liver.  The most active substance is something known as silybin. 
The action of these chemicals is simple, and it occurs on the cellular level.  Silymarin makes the liver cells less susceptible to damage by toxins.  The toxins enter the liver via the blood, but they are not able to do as much damage because milk thistle increases the liver's production of an antitoxin chemical called glutathione, raising it to 35% above normal.
100% milk thistle seed, loose 1 oz. bag

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