Clear 1 – 30 Capsules (formerly ByoClear 1)

Refresh, reset, clear. This not only works on your gut, but your whole system. Take with Clear 2 softgels to complete the one-two punch to pathogens in your body.


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A diverse microbiome is crucial to our health. We want our microbiome to be populated by “good bugs”; however, it may be destabilized by stress, other microorganisms, diet, and environmental toxins which may lead to dysbiosis. This is characterized by the growth of undesirable organisms, overpopulation, or lack of diversity. Dysbiosis can lead to GI discomfort, poor digestive health, and unwanted metabolites. Clear 1 utilizes a clinical strength herbal complex designed to help the body reset and support healthy flora. As a 2-part system, Clear 1 and Clear 2 can and should be used together.

Has antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial components.

30 capsules

Note:  This product is getting switched over to a new name and label: Clear 1 µBiomic.  It is the same exact product as ByoClear 1, just with a new label and being sold by its original creator - Mark Cannon at Alimentum Labs.  Systemic Formulas no longer sells this product.

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