Black Walnut Capsules


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The ancient Greeks used black walnut hulls to support intestinal health. Much more recently, scientists found that this herb contains tannins with helpful toning properties. It also has bitter compounds and naphthoquinones like juglone that protect the intestinal system in its battle against invaders. Black Walnut also helps the immune system. These black walnut hulls are hand-gathered and Kosher-certified. They start off half green but turn completely black. Hulls are carefully dried and stored in a clean, controlled environment. A shortage of wild-crafters has made the material more difficult to harvest.

  • Used traditionally for intestinal system support
  • Contains juglone, which may help to repel unwanted intestinal invaders
  • Featuring Kosher, wild-crafted hulls from the US Appalachian region

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SKU: BLK WAL Categories: ,