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A zapper of free-radicals.  Incredible medicated ointment formerly know as "Cancer Kill" Primary ingredient is 100% Pure Organic Clove Oil which has an ORAC rating of 10,786,875!

  • Effective against all free radical diseases.
  • Reduces PSA when applied in region of prostate.
  • Reduces swellings of all types.
  • Effective with elimination of pre-cancerous markers.
  • Anti-Oxy is a powerful detoxification agent.

Rub on area of stomach and colon will often detoxify in 24 hours or less.

Anti-Oxy will also act as a vasodilator and thus can have blood pressure reducing effect. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, disease destroying antioxidant.

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Unsolicited Testimonial to the incredible Anti-Oxy

I wanted to send you a testimonial regarding the Anti-Oxy  that you sell. I have switched to it in place of my Icy Hot.  

I have been using it for the muscle pain I have due to Fibromyalgia.  I rub it into my shoulders, back and even put in on my chest and then sometimes I use the heating pad for extra absorption and I have very much noticed great relief with it.  I also have started to put in on my jaws for the TMJ that I experience from the Fibromyalgia.  

It is AWESOME and I tell everyone!

Oh yeah, I also have a ganglion cyst on the inside of my wrist and since I have been putting the clove oil on it, it is softer and reducing in size!!

Thank you soo much for your wonderful products.  I truly love them 
D. Wilkins                                                                17 August 2009
Lymphatic Wellness

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