“House Call” Virtual Health Evaluation and Consultation

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Want to get to the bottom of your health issues? The real root cause of all those strange symptoms that don't quite add up? Need a second opinion, not happy what you've been told or unsatisfied with the course of action you have been on? Want to get it all done but need to take baby steps?

Here's your answer --- A "House Call" with Coach Caroline

Our Mission

We understand what it feels like to not receive real answers or relief regarding your health. We believe the key to solving your health concerns lies not only in taking the right lab tests but knowing how to interpret your results. That’s why we’ve created a method to provide you with the answers you’ve been searching for, all in the comfort of your own home.

Our mission is to be the LAST "doctor" that you have tell your current story to. Our goal is to have all within your reach fulfill your divine potential by experiencing the future of medicine, today.

Master Iridologist and Functional Medicine Blood Work Specialist, Coach Caroline gathers all your puzzle pieces in order to provide comprehensive diagnoses and treatment plans that will forever change your story. For those "baby-steps" clients and those wanting to flat out truth of what's really going on - here's what this "House Call" service offers:

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: After doing this for over 15 years now, and viewing thousands of labs, most generally clients have labs already (having been ordered by their doctor prior)– or she can help you easily access them. Get those together or know how to access them because you will be instructed to get those to Coach Caroline.

Step #2: Complete the two-page questionnaire along with any other forms you'll be emailed so Coach Caroline can match your questionnaire answers with the lab numbers so your puzzle pieces start to come together. You will be instructed how to get those back for analysis.

Step #3: Once Coach Caroline has all your labs, forms, possibly iridology pictures, etc, she’ll get to work. Give her 3 to 5 days (on average) after you’ve submitted the required information to receive your answers and plan. She will send you a link to schedule a 60-minute consultation with you to go over your labs and the nutritional plan. We work around your schedule. During the consultation, you ask any questions you may have at this point during that consultation. After the consultation you’ll receive 2 forms (your lab review and the personalized 2-month supplement plan to get you started) Coach Caroline created just for you via email.

Step #4: Coach Caroline will tell you exactly how to get started in the follow up email.  You will also be given a discount code to be able to get the supplements she recommends. It’ll be your job to complete the plan so you can take charge of your life and activate your innate healing – diagnosis or not! If you have any questions throughout your plan implementation time, you will have free access to Coach Caroline anytime via email.  Follow-up appointments are available after this initial consultation.



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