Sunburn Relief Recipes

OUCH!! You Need Sunburn Recipes! Red, sore and burning all over?

Here are some all-natural sunburn recipes that are easy to make and provide fast relief. Apply these as often as necessary for terrific results.

Easy Sunburn Relief Recipes

Cooling and Soothing Spray

Soothing and Healing Gel

Moisturizing and Calming Oil Rub

Barely Mint Comfort Spray

Hydrosol Relief

Simply buy a bottle of organic Lavender Herbal Hydrosol and spray on for relief. It’s amazing how something so simple can work.

Lavender Hydrosol doubles at our house for an antiseptic spray too. As the children come in with scrapes and scratches, before bandaides go on, the Lavender Hydrosol gets sprayed on and dabbed off.