Easy Aromatherapy Recipes for Cleaning

What’s not to like about homemade aromatherapy recipes for cleaning? You don’t have to use those caustic cleaners of today to get thing really clean. There are many other options.

Let’s face it, some of today’s cleaners on the market make you want to hold your breath for the entire time you are cleaning with that particular chemical product. Or at the very least, use a face mask. I can remember cleaning the bathroom and running out the second I was done to get a few deep breathes of good air.

These natural cleaners are easy to make, save you money, and they don’t contribute to any health problems. So scan down through and find recipes you think are doable and give some a try. You’ll love the results!

These are tried and true aromatherapy recipes for cleaning. I will continue to add to these as we test and approve them. Go ahead and give them a try. They are all natural, healthy and will save you a bundle in the long run. Happy cleaning!