18 Basic Essential Oil Application Methods


NEAT: Apply NEAT (undiluted with carrier oil) as directed to affected area.

DILUTE 1:1: 1 part essential oil (s) to 1 part Carrier oil.

DILUTE 20:80: 1 part essential oil (s) to 4 parts Carrier oil.

REFLEX POINT: Apply 1-3 drops neat to the reflex points on the feet as directed. See reflex point chart found under the reflex point category for point locations.

COMPRESS: Dilute 1 part essential oil (s) with 4 parts Carrier oil and apply 8-10 drops on affected area. Cover with a warm, moist hand towel. Then cover the moist towel with a dry towel for 10-15 minutes. Can also use a cool, moist hand towel instead of a hot one, to create a COLD compress.

BATH SALT: Mix thoroughly 10-15 drops of essential oil into 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts or baking soda. Dissolve in warm bathwater as tub is filling and soak for at least 20 minutes before using soap or shampoo; or place in special shower head designed to hold salt/essential oil mixture and shower for 10 minutes.

BODY MASSAGE: Apply diluted in a 20:80 ratio (1 part essential oils to 4 parts Carrier oil) in a full-body massage.


DIFFUSION: Diffuse neat in a cold-air diffuser. (Cold air diffusers are not designed to handle vegetable oils because they are thicker and may clog the diffuser mechanism.) To buy a good diffuser, follow this link.

DIRECT: Apply 2-3 drops of essential oil (s) to the palm of one hand; rub palms together; cup hands over nose and mouth (being careful not to touch the skin near your eyes) and inhale vapors deeply 6-8 times.

VAPOR: Run hot, steaming water into a sink or large bowl. Water should be at least 2 inches deep to retain heat for a few minutes. Drape a towel over your head, covering the hot water also, enclosing your face over the steaming water. Add 3-6 drops of essential oil (s) to the hot water. Inhale vapors as deeply as possible several times, through the nose, as they rise with the steam. Recharge vapors with additional hot water. CAUTION: The next 3 methods should only be used by experienced essential oil users or if prescribed by a licensed aromatherapist.


CAPSULE: Unless directed otherwise, use a clean medicine dropper to fill the larger half of an empty gelatin capsule half-way with essential oil (s); then fill the remainder with Carrier oil or a high quality cold-pressed vegetable oil, seal with the other half of the gel cap and take as directed. There are two basic dosages used for capsules, indicated by capsule size. ’00’ size capsules (which contain a 400 mg dose when filled with a 1:1 dilution of essential oil) and ‘0’ size capsules (which contain a 200 mg dose when filled with a 1:1 dilution of essential oil). If ‘0’ size capsules are not readily available, you can half fill ’00’ size capsules.

RICE MILK: Add the essential oil to rice milk and take as directed. Use 3-5 drops in 1/2 cup of rice milk. Goat milk may be substituted for rice milk.

SYRUP: Add the essential oil to organic Agave nectar (syrup) or Grade B Maple Syrup. Use 3 drops in 1 tsp. maple syrup. Hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Organic Agave nectar ( a low-glycemic natural sweetener derived from the Agave plant) seems to work more effectively than maple syrup.


GARGLE: Add 2-3 drops essential oil with 4 tablespoons purified water, shake or mix vigorously. Gargle for 30 seconds.

TONGUE: Apply 1 drop of essential oil neat to the back of the tongue with cotton swab or fingertip. Retain, allowing oil to combine with saliva, for at least 1 minute, then swallow. Note: this should NOT be done with essential oils which have a 20:80 application code.


RECTAL: Dilute the recommended essential oil (s) in 40:60 ratio (4 parts essential oil to 6 parts Carrier oil), insert 1-2 tablespoons in rectum with a bulb syringe and retain up to 8 hours or overnight.

TAMPON: Dilute the recommended essential oil (s) in 40:60 ratio (4 parts essential oil to 6 parts Carrier oil). Apply 1-2 tablespoons to a tampon and insert into vagina (for internal infection) OR apply to a sanitary pad (for external lesions). Retain up to 8 hours or overnight. Use only tampons or sanitary pads made with non-perfumed, non-scented organic cotton.