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Ready to discover what your “normal” labs are really telling you?? Functional Medicine specialists do that for you! Come join Coach Caroline on her LIVE and FREE workshop on Brain Health; what doctors don't often consider but you need to know! The next one is happening soon, but is yet to be scheduled. Click on this link to register today!

She'll teach you signs of brain health and degeneration, about the main neurotransmitters, and some basics on how to assess your personal brain health status. This information is key when assessing the rest of your body's health and one has a direct bearings on the other. Typically, Caroline is teaching about your blood work panels. Her specialty is looking at those numbers to see what they are REALLY telling us about your health - from a Functional Medicine point of view. If you've been told your labs are "normal", but you still feel like something is wrong, you'll be amazed at what looking at your bloodwork through the lenses of functional medicine will tell you.

Come equipped with your Lipid bloodwork panel. Download it straight off of your medical charts. And be prepared to have your eyes opened to a whole new world! Learn it to help yourself, learn it to help you family and friends, and register here.


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