Basic Package Complete Health Evaluation incl Bloodwork Analysis

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Feel like junk?

"Your Labs Look Normal". But You Feel Anything BUT Normal...

Your doctor tells you that there’s nothing he can do to help because your labs are all “normal”, within expected range, look great!

Except you don’t feel great, and whatever those labs are showing to your doctor, they don’t even come close to telling the picture of what you feel on the inside. You want some REAL ANSWERS! If Only Someone Would Listen -

Maybe you could get someone to dig deeper. To figure out how “normal labs” can leave you feeling so…off. Actually try to help you solve the mystery of why you struggle to get through a day, only to crash in bed and start all over again in the morning.

That's Where I Come In. You just need the right person to read them.

I’ve spent my entire health career becoming the “normal lab” expert – so that I can help you make sense of what your body is telling us in your labs, and help you begin to move beyond just getting a diagnosis and into the freedom of healing.

This is the Get Your Labs Reviewed with a Personal Touch package!

Become a client and find out exactly what your labs tell you about your real state of health!

Within this program, here’s how it works:

Step #1: After doing this for years now, and viewing thousands of labs, I’ve learned you already have your labs – or you can easily access them. You’ll need to simply email the pictures of your labs or downloaded PDFs of them to the email you’ll receive once purchased.

Step #2: Complete the two page questionnaire (access via email) so Coach Caroline can match how you feel with the lab numbers so your puzzle is complete. Take a picture of it and email her those two pictures.

Step #3: Once Coach Caroline has all your labs and the questionnaire, she’ll get to work. Give her 1-2 weeks (on average) after you’ve submitted the required information to receive your answers.

She will send you a link to schedule a 30 minute consultation with you to go over your labs and give you answers you've been wishing for, for years. You ask any questions you may during that consultation. You’ll be given 2 forms (your lab review and helpful suggestions) Coach Caroline created just for you via email.

Step #4: Coach Caroline will tell you exactly where you can take it from there in a follow up email. It’ll be your job to complete any follow up so you can take charge of your life and activate your innate healing – diagnosis or not! Expect to pay $300ish for supplements monthly to begin down that road to real answers and real healing.

Step #5: Be yourself again – escape survival mode and start thriving once again


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