Mosquito/Insect Repellent, Lemon Dream


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Lemon Dream Insect Repellent.  This natural essential oil blend is the most effective outdoor blend ever developed!  The formulator's family has never been bitten when wearing this blend, its truly amazing!  Same effectiveness as the original DEET Buster (see below) but with a new refreshing Lemon-Vanilla scent that even the kids will love.

Be safe and DEET-free on your outdoor adventures! (DEET has been shown to be toxic to some people, even resulting in death in children.) An essential oil blend with just a touch of vanilla to make the kids even want to get sprayed for insects. This is a proprietary natural blend and we do not disclose the oils in it.

Already pre-blended in fractionated coconut oil and ready to use as is for best effectiveness but can be diluted down with more fractioned coconut if the odor is too strong (just be aware that diluting reduces the effectiveness).  Because this blend uses fractionated coconut oil as a carrier, it is not recommended for use in a diffuser.


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SKU: AAHW Categories: ,