Myrrh Oil Extract, Dark, Kenya


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This product is an ALL NATURAL "commercial grade" of myrrh produced through a proprietary gurgun balsam resin oil extractrion of Dark Myrrh Resin. This is NOT a "Fragrance Oil" which would be synthetic, but an ALL NATURAL oil-extracted product. This economical and versitile product is ideal for soaps, candles, diffusing blends, and other applications where the heavier resinious components of Myrrh Oil are less desirable for the final product.

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Myrrh, Dark, Kenya is sweet, very rich and balsamic. The color may be dark or light amber depending on the methods used in extraction, particularly heat. It has been used for its aromatic properties for nearly 4000 years. Along with frankincense this was one of the gifts brought to Jesus of Nazareth. Though it is high yield, up to 10 percent, it is the accumulation of the best resin tears from the thorny African shrubs and trees that affects the cost. Furthermore experienced professionals with good equipment usually do the distillations and extracts. TOS's dark Myrrh excels in aroma and tenacity, although myrrh is typically not very tenacious. Customers who buy this product frequently buy the Opoponax Absolute as well. It is also from Kenya and exceeds industry standards.

Thick, rich, smoky aroma. Relaxing, meditative and has mildly antiseptic properties. Has fungicidal properties. Dilute. Good for the throat, mouth and gums; super in a mouthwash. Stimulates digestion. Referenced throughout the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Anti-inflammatory, promotes skin repair – effective in treating wounds, pimples and boils. Terrifically useful for diarrhea.

The Arabian people used it for wrinkled, chapped and cracked skin. Can also be used to clear mucous in respiratory infections. Apply diluted in Jojoba oil at night to treat wrinkles on face and neck. Not to be used in early pregnancy

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